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Stopping the Latest Threat to Your Growing Business:

Click here to register online for this event. Trend Micro invites you to a FREE Webinar on “Network VirusWall Bundle”. The NVW Bundle offers a cost effective integrated software + hardware outbreak prevention security appliance that can be easily deployed across the network segments within your organization. In addition, we will discuss how the latest multiple security technologies can be applied in small and medium businesses against the new generation network viruses and worms such as Code Red, MS Blaster, SQL Slammer and Sasser.

DATE: Wednesday, August 4th
TIME: 9:00a - 10:00a PDT (GMT -7:00)
WEBINAR: "Stopping the Latest Threat to Your Growing Business:
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You will hear our experts, Bala Venkat, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for SMB at Trend Micro and Bob Hansmann, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Trend Micro, discuss —

  • The challenges faced by small and medium business owners in securing their IT infrastructure and networks while trying to grow their businesses.
  • The pressing need in the security arena for small and medium businesses.
  • How “NVW Bundle” offers a comprehensive integrated solution to both large and small businesses to stop network viruses and block high threat vulnerabilities during outbreaks.
  • The latest innovations being applied by virus writers and other authors of malicious code. Code Red, MS Blaster, SQL Slammer and Sasser are only a few of the examples of how ineffective many of our traditional security measures have become.
  • How a coordinated defense, leveraging multiple security technologies, can be effective against these threats. Bob will walk you through a step-by-step breakdown of an MS Blaster attack.
  • How Trend Micro's strong integration of multiple security technologies into our product offerings has resulted in some amazingly effective and easy-to-apply solutions.


Our presenters for this event are:

Bala Venkat, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, SMB Market, Trend Micro. Mr. Venkat brings over 16 years experience formulating business and marketing strategy, product marketing initiatives in SMB and Enterprise vertical markets. His experience spans the IT Infrastructure Security, Networking, Data Center, and Telecommunications industry with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Sprint, and Exodus Communications.

Bob Hansmann, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Trend Micro. With 15 years experience in the security industry, and a decade in antivirus technology, Mr. Hansmann is a uniquely qualified speaker in this area. His real-world understanding provides a rich background of case histories of the success and failure of different security strategies over the years.

Worms, a subclass of "viruses", have become the "tool of choice" amongst virus writers. Attendees will leave with a firm understanding of the network worm, SASSER, and how to prepare for similar threats in the future.

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