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Welcome to the Trend Micro™ Security Education Program (TSEP). TSEP is designed to provide quality training to our partners to uniquely position you on the cutting edge of data and network security with a focus on network virus protection.

By completing Trend Micro’s Sales or Technical Certification programs, you gain valuable skills that help you optimize your customers’ security infrastructure and increase the quality and speed of service to your customers. Furthermore, by becoming Trend Micro certified, you gain access to the most recent security technology information and resources as well as enhance your employees’ knowledge of state-of-the-art security technologies.

Sales and Technical Certification Programs

TSEP begins with a web-based foundation course, which is a prerequisite to any of the certification levels. The Sales Certification Program is designed for sales representatives and offers two (2) levels of sales certification. The Technical Certification Program is designed for support and sales engineers and offers three (3) levels of technical certification.

Trend Micro
Sales Certification Program
Trend Micro
Technical Certification Program

A self-paced, online program designed for sales representatives who are looking to enhance their knowledge of Trend Micro products. You will learn the key elements of how to successfully position and sell the products.

The program holds two levels of sales certification:

  1. Trend Micro Certified Sales Representative (TCSR), and
  2. Trend Micro Certified Sales Specialist (TCSS)

The program is made up of one-hour modules that give sales representatives the expertise to effectively sell Trend Micro products.

Consists of live classroom and e-learning training designed for sales and support engineers who are looking to enhance their technical knowledge of Trend Micro products.

The program holds three levels of technical certification:

  1. Trend micro Certified Security Professional (TCSR),
  2. Trend Micro Certified Security Expert (TCSE) and
  3. Trend Micro Certified Security Master (TCSM)

Students will receive an understanding of how to deploy, configure, administrate and perform basic troubleshooting for Trend Micro products.

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